July 8



There she is - like a wall she rises over 10 floors high: the container ship 'Bruarfoss' of the shipping company Eimskip. The ship is 150 m long, was built in 1996, has 9650 gross register tons of ousting and around 500 containers can be loaded on board of it. 17 crew members ship a lot of different things across the sea. Everything is packed into containers, so apart from huge machines nothing of the merchandise can be seen.


As the harbour of Fredrikstad has no rollin-rolloff facilities, the bus has to be transported in a container as well. There it is better protected and therefore I willingly take down the skylight. Professionally everything is fastened tightily.


People can hardly be discovered between the huge machinery. Everything is very big on board. The crane driver is only visible because of his striped t-shirt. Besides, one should be careful between the containers, because there are huge forklifts driving around. Their wheels are more than 2 meters high.


A block of flats is built behind the containers. The building has to be that high, otherwise it would be impossible to see over the cargo from the bridge. My cabin is on the fourth floor, just under the Eimskip painting. More in the day after tomorrow.

Impressing also the lifeboat. In case of an emergency it would fall down about 6 meters. A ride on a roller coaster would be a trifle...

The sailing out is a very special event.
Therefore here some more impressions.