July 10


Life on Board

The accomodation can be described as a two star hotel. The stewardess Julia takes care of all the rooms. She was already the good soul on board five years ago, when I took the Bruarfoss for the first time. The daily order of events could be described as the following: 8 o'clock breakfast, 12 o'clock lunch, 15 o'clock tea time and at 18 o'clock dinner. Everything happens in a very familiar atmosphere: with only 8 passengers the getting in contact becomes very easy.


In case the ship is in a harbour one is free to do whatever one wants! *grin* An early morning tour (picture: under the containers to the bow) provides the necessary run-out. There and back are 300 m! The climb up to the bridge provides some meters of altitude. Afterwards, passing the swimming-pool (empty momentarily) I walk back to the cabin, where I get my camera, because, meanwhile, I have discovered something picturesque. Back up the bridge I certainly meet another passenger and after a long talk the next meal is already waiting for us again. This list can be endlessly enlarged...


In the evening the ship leaves the Färöer Islands. The sailing, of course, as well as the passing near an oil rig (North Sea) or the steep coast are the most interesting parts. Tomorrow we'll arrive in Iceland and during the passage the Westman Islands will be visible.

Well - enough scribling! The next meal is waiting! :-)

To keep you occupied meanwhile the Bruarfoss in big.