Sailing with the Bruarfoss


Almost on time the ship begins to move at 7 p.m. Oups... dead end! The Fjord of Fredrikstad closes to the north and the space around the dock is too small to turn the ship around.


With the help of a tug the 'Bruarfoss' gets turned around in the bigger harbour basin. There is not much space left in the back and the front. The pilot moves from one side to the other of the bridge to constantly check the space on either side.


Why there is a pilot on board becomes clear shortly after leaving the harbour. The cliffy coast is very narrow at some places. Nonetheless a hobby captain decides to get in the way with his little boat. Fighting with the big waves caused by the 'Bruarfoss' he makes the whole crew grin contentedly (or even gloatingly?).


The Fjord opens out. The work is done. With medium speed the pilot leaves the ship.


Bye bye Norway! The journey continues along the Shetlands to the Faroe Islands.