April 3


Let's go

Packing... grabbing together ticket, passport, travel books and most importantly - a good map. Anything else? This looks like overweight. Finally the suitcase is a little over 20 kilos. They'll let that pass. The inline-skates are taking most of the space - but they have to fit!


Travelling with my VW bus makes a lot of things easier: you can take your whole household along and no one is asking about overweight. I don't care about waiting at the airport. A little white dog is flying as handluggage of a lady. From time to time it pushes its head out of the bag and checks out what happens around it. It seems as if it likes flying too.


So there we go. A window seat is a nice thing to have. "happy over the clouds..." daadidaa. Or was it "sick over the clouds?" - Nah, the flight was very pleasant and almost without any turbulances. After a 90 minutes flight the north coast of Mallorca can be seen. This part of the island is on my discovery-plan as well.


Landing flight towards Palma. And there they are, the well-known windmills of Mallorca. Why there are so many just before the airport? I don't know... perhaps they create enough upwind for the planes? ;-) .

Ute has already arranged everything: Coffee with a view, cinema, dinner with a little digestive. And now? *yawn* Good Night!