April 4



Let's go to the seaside. The sun is breaking through the clouds and the emerald water is glittering. Taking a swim would still be a rather cold adventure. The country is coloured in different greens. Spring on Mallorca - 'primavera en mallorca' - in Spanish it sounds even more colourful.


The Inline-Skates are quickly put on and - let's roll! Ute is in good shape. The promenade in Port de Pollenca is another wonderful Inline-route like the one in Palma. At the moment we're still attracting a lot of attention, but in a few months there will be hundreds of tourists. Of course I won't tell you that Ute never lets her skates roll out and needs five times the force I need, gracefully passing her. ;-) .


And of course, I would never ever tell you that we both fell over a stupid rope in the harbour. After this plunge we had to gather all our strength again. *grin*


























PS: Ute tried to buy today's report with a sundae. Well, it almost worked...