July 1



Already at the Expo in Hannover Denmark pointed out the intensive exploitation of wind power in their pavillion. And it's true: a lot of wind generators break up the countryside. Mostly they do not stand near any houses, because the rotors are not noiseless at all. When constructed in a row, the rotation of the blades seems futuristically elegant.


At least today there is more than enough wind. At the beach the paragliders stay at the same spot or let themselves being carried up and down for as long as they like.


It is pure chance that I happened to be at Hanstholm exactly at 4 this afternoon. Once a week the ferry Norröna, which will also be my ferry on the way back home, arrives from Iceland. Of course I had to observe the loading and new check-in procedures. Half of the vehicles had to leave the boat backwards and one of the motorhomes hit the crash-barrier *scraaaaatch*. Well - shouldn't one know how to drive one's vehicle backwards as well...?