July 2



Denmark's highest dune is in Rubjerg. Long ago the lighthouse towered above the dune, but meanwhile it had to be abandoned. The dune (aprox. 90 m high) grows daily and some parts are already covered by sand.


Almost all over Northjütland there are sandy beaches. At a certain point up north there are always a lot of visitors, but no one dares to swim.


North of Skagen at the view point 'Greenen' is the north point of Jütland. Here the North Sea (Skagerak, left) and the East Sea (Kategatt, right) meet. As they produce very strong and dangerous currents at the point where they meet, people are not allowed to swim here.


One leg in the North Sea and the other in the East Sea: in spite of the warnings - this much of a 'bath' has to experienced!