April 14



Of course I wouldn't miss the usual train journey to Soller this year. The old jolting train with the charm of the thirties starts in Palma and takes about an hour over the mountains to Soller.


The most interesting experience on the journey is the open platform on each coach. From there you have a great view all over the countryside and you can see gravel and sleepers rapidly flitting by between the tracks. The 'Tatam-Tatammmm'-rhythm accompanies the journey as well as a lot of wind in my hair.


A streetcar masters the remaining distance from Soller to the seaside. Year of construction? Ehm... antique - could be from the Romans *grin* . At any rate most of the coaches do not have any windows or side walls and the view is open to all sides. - Pure railway adventure!


Oh yes, in the evening we had some more railway atmosphere in a restaurant called 'Orient Express'. Well, I won't recount this in detail...