April 7



Right across Mallorca from Palma in the southwest to the point of the northeast; this was today's destination. And suddenly a field with many flowers. When did I see such a huge field of wild poppy the last time? ...a field of this size, actually never before.


Cala Ratjada in the northeast is situated in a wonderful bay. There is hardly any beach for swimming, but at least there are no big hotels. Well, you can easily order your caffee in German if you like, but everyone is friendly and the village is surrounded by a beautiful countryside.


I really didn't take my skates to Mallorca in vain. The beach promenade from an unusual perspective. The picture was taken while driving - but nobody will believe me anyway.

And again some new customs learnt when meeting Ute's friends in Palma: they only kiss twice for welcome, not three times like in Switzerland. Why we kiss three times? I have got no clue at all! Do you???