April 6



The weather in the morning didn't look very promising: cloudy! This is an exception on Mallorca. Therefore I started towards the north...the clouds had to give the sky free somewhere. And they really did. What a splendid day.


Today's trip was a preparation for the next few days. Where can I find more undiscovered places? When do I get the best light and where is it worth to take 360 panoramic pictures?

The bay of Cala San Vincente would be very nice, if there wasn't this hotel. But sometimes even monotony may develop certain forms. At least when seen from a certain angle.


On the way back to Palma I was again captivated by the colourful flowers. Just wonderful!


Some disappointments in the evening. You need 15 pictures to create a complete panoramic picture. So what do you do, if you got one picture twice and another is missing?

The movie in the evening wasn't as tasty as the chocolate in the title promised, but at least the inline-skating along the beach promenade of Palma was top! :-)