July 6



Diving into the masses of civilization for the last time before the calm of Iceland. Oslo has many interesting things to discover. It is known for its toll circle all around the city as well. 12 krones (about 2.40 CHF) is the fee of entry. The money does not support the public traffic system, but is used for road construction. Picture: Inner city of Oslo at the harbour.


Oslo presents itself already like any big European city: the usual food, the usual party scene. Only the traffic of the northern European cities is not as dramatic as described in some travel guide books.

A real good thing is the Oslo card. It is a card for about 30 francs and can be used for all museums, sights and the public traffic system. Ah yes: and the parking is included as well. Of course I had to get one of these!


Above the city rises the ski jump Holmenkollen. During the summer the arena is used for concerts and other events and, therefore, the finish of the jump was filled with water like a pond.

Courage? - Well, it's a little steep watching down, but if you fly more than 132 m you'll hold the new record of the jump!