July 5



Swing bridges and spectacular crossings connect the roads to the Schären Islands. The opening of the bridge is really interesting - it doesn't even screech. Loudlessly the bridge is drawn up to let the boats pass through the channel and swing back to connect the road again.


How many Swedish and Norwegians do you think posses a boat? I have no idea, but at least there are extremely many boats around. The coastline is very long because of the many islands and it has a lot of harbours - like 'rocks on the beach'. There are also sandy beaches, but with a water temperature of 20° no one likes to take a bath anyway.


At noon I reach the border to Norway. 50 km away is Fredrikstad. I already inspected the berth of the container ship to Iceland (tomorrow yet another call to the shipping company) and drove on to the Oslofjord. In the evening I will let my legs dangle and just do nothing at all. The mileage indicater counts 230'415 km - that seems enough just for the moment.

Another picture anyway? Panoramic picture from the harbour of Tjärnö, Sweden (105kb)