June 29



The well visited Expo 2000 has its consequences on the road in the morning: after a big traffic chaos I only reach the camping ground around 1 a.m. But I would not have missed the multimedia show with the projections on curtains of water in any case! (no pic possible) The whole Expo is really impressing. Too many people, though. Iceland will be an extreme contrast: almost no one around and the curtains of water will be natural for sure.


With a leisurely pace the journey continues up north. Hmm, the music on the MP3 player is still the same as on Mallorca. How to recognise? I know the sequences already by heart!

Dario G - 
Hevia - 
Busindre Reel
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar - 
Sun Is Shining
Spike - 
It Takes Two
Coleske - 
Take Me Where The Sun...
Alice Deejay - 
Back In My Life
Billy Idol - 
Eyes Without A Face
Vengaboys - 
Matt Bianco - 
Matt's Mood
Moby - 
Why Does My Heart...
Toto - 
Hold The Line
Wilson Phillips - 
Release Me
Tempest - 
What Can We Do?



In the evening the countryside becomes wider. I have reached Denmark. Time for a day-stop in Billund after two thirds of the way to Oslo. Moreover, there is in Billund. (see June 30)