June 28


Brumm Brumm

The view is terrific: highway in the front...

and the back?


highway as well, but with an elk! It obviously enjoys being on the road. Although the driver enjoys it as well, some diversion would be nice. Without keeping the 50 PS going, Iceland will not get nearer for a long time. There still is a long distance to travel, but the journey is also the goal.


Evening at the ‘Steinhuder Meer’ (inland lake) near Hannover. The camping ground is fantastically located. What else to do? On the one hand the delicious smell of a fish restaurant is tempting and on the other hand the smooth and broad cycle track invites for a skating trip... Neither of the two! Let’s go to the Expo 2000 in Hannover. The evening ticket, which is available from 7 p.m. on only costs 10 DM