June 27



A two-month trip has to be planned. As you have certainly realised yourself already, there are certain articles, which are not attainable in foreign countries or have a different quality. Remedial action has to be taken! Will 26 bars of chocolate be enough? Hm, this could be a rather short supply. Actually, they are planned as presents during the trip, but two thirds will probably get sacrificed as self-energizers. *chewgrin* Some cans and dry food (easily made with hot water) complete the emergency food package. And of course 1.7 kg BTs have found their way into my luggage as well. What the heck are BTs? Well - up to you to find out!


No trip without pictures! Of course, the most important pics are made with a digital camera and presented in the internet, but they are not comparable to the big projection of a colour slide. 30 films could be enough (or maybe not). Anyhow, the usual reflex camera equipment including a substitute camera are on board as well. The lugging around will hopefully burn some chocolate calories.


For the last time it's a trip with the old vehicle.
Starting north with a mileage (kilometers) of 227740!